Things to do if your car get crashed and the litigant escapes in Thailand


Accidents can happen in many ways and some people have experienced accidents with their cars but the litigants escape. This article gathers all information and recommendations on what to do if your car gets crashed and the litigant escapes in Thailand.

1.    Remember the litigant’s number plate

First thing that you should do when you notice that your litigant looks like he wants to escape or even not, first thing you should come up with is their number plate to be used as evidence to find a person later if necessary.

2.    Set up camera in your car

Normally, drivers should have cameras in cars to record what happens when driving on the road. As it can be used as a really good evidence after and better than words and especially when everything happens so fast and you don’t even have a moment to look at the number plate.

3.    Call your insurance company

When you get the ligitant’s number plate, you can inform insurance companies as they can help to find the litigant as well.

4.    Inform police

To claim that your car really got crashed and the litigant escaped with the insurance company, you should inform police of what happened and get the daily report.

5.    Check CCTVs around the areas

In case you cannot remember the number plate and your car did not set up the camera as well. You can still check CCTVs around the areas that the accident happens by contacting organisations that are responsible for the areas. Then use it to be evidence for insurance companies and police as well.

How car insurance in Thailand covers the cost for this case?

After you inform the car insurance company and submit all documents needed. You will get support from insurance companies differently according to which class of car insurance in Thailand you have. Most of car insurance in Thailand offer deal for this case as follow:

  • First class car insurance in Thailand: Your car will get cover for all cases including the case that you cannot define who crashed your car.
  • Second class plus and third class plus car insurance in Thailand: Your car will get cover on car crashes with car only. It will not cover other types of vehicle. Important note is that you need to know the number plate of the litigant, otherwise you cannot claim the cost from car insurance companies.

The rest of the classes of car insurance in Thailand, you need to cover the fixing cost yourself. On the other hand, if you are the one who crashes other cars and escapes, you will not get any claim and even get cancelled from car insurance as well. The most important thing you should do is to set up cameras in your car and have car insurance. As you will get a consultant, getting car fix, travel cost cover when you get car insurance in Thailand with Rabbit Care, a website where you can check and compare many deals of car insurance in Thailand from well known companies that suit you the most in just one place.