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The Difference between Multi-functional SMT Machine and High-speed SMT Machine - Zhongfeng Electronics Co., LIMITEDChoose and place machines – additionally known as surface area place technology (SMT) element positioning systems – are robot devices that affix surface install gadgets (SMDs) such as capacitors and resistors to published motherboard (PCBs). Produced by service providers of automation solutions, pick as well as location machinery is accuracy devices that is ideal for high-speed production settings, however obtaining it commonly calls for a significant investment. If an organization requires to purchase pick and place tools for a discounted cost, purchasing it made use of is an excellent choice. If aid in finding used pick as well as area machinery that offers superior dependability and also performance is needed, the pointers below will certainly aid.

Prevent Purchasing From Auctions

Purchasing equipment from public auctions is an excellent method smt machine to save money. However, unless a business has experience in examining the problem of the equipment, purchasing it is dangerous. Professional vendors of secondhand devices consistently purchase equipment at public auctions and also replace it. If a firm does not have knowledge in reviewing pick and also location equipment, it is far better to acquire it from an expert vendor who does.

Avoid Purchasing From Amateur Sellers

Used pick and also place machinery is sold on various sorts of internet sites, from auction websites to organization internet sites of automation providers. In some cases, purchasing from amateur vendors that list devices on web sites like leads to paying the most affordable price, but it additionally increases the chance of buying stubborn devices. Has the tools been properly checked and also checked? Has it been reconditioned, or simply serviced? When buying from an amateur seller, it is almost impossible to ensure.

Assess the Credentials of the Vendor

After finding a professional seller that brings the right type of equipment, evaluate the credentials of the vendor by: inspecting its document at the Bbb (BBB), talking to its referrals, and also investigating its history to see if it has operated effectively under the same name for minimum of two years. If the seller has a clean BBB record, solid recommendations, and a trustworthy service history, feel comfortable getting its machinery.

Examine the Equipment

If the equipment is acquired using the Net, evaluate it personally to see if its state of wear matches the online product summary. If taking a trip to the location of the seller is not an option, have a third party check the devices on the company’s part.

Examine the Machinery

It is suitable to test the equipment before purchasing it. Although it might not be examined under conventional operating conditions, simply seeing and listening to the machine operate will certainly allow the company to make important observations about its condition.


Select and position equipment is necessary for positioning SMDs on PCBs in a high-speed production atmosphere. Nonetheless, some businesses have problem managing the machinery in a brand-new problem. When the price of brand-new choice and location equipment places it unreachable, purchasing previously owned pick and location machinery from a supplier of automation solutions is a superb alternative. The ideas above aid organizations situate previously owned equipment that offers outstanding dependability as well as efficiency top quality.