How Important is Iran to the West and Why Iranians Support the Islamic Republic?

Many humans assume that ladies in Islam don’t have any rights. They think that Islam oppressed women and didn’t treat them as human beings. In this article this false impression shall be discussed and spoke back.

Islam considers ladies as members who play a totally important position within the Islamic society. A lady increases the children, builds generations of adolescents and brings them to the society to assist constructing it. Islam acknowledges this critical position, and acknowledges the attempt a mother plays to take care of her child from his delivery till his marriage, and even after his marriage. That’s why while a person came to Prophet Muhammad and asked him about who most of the human beings maximum deserves his quality treatment HAMKA, the solution of Prophet Muhammad turned into: “your mother”. The man asks Prophet Muhammad: “Then who?”, Prophet Muhammad says:”your mom”, Then the man asks again. The Prophet says for the third time: “your mom”. The man asks again, Prophet Muhammad says:”your father”. Prophet Muhammad says that Heaven lies underneath the mothers’ toes.

Prophet Muhammad tells that a person who has daughters and increases them nicely shall enter Paradise. He tells that looking for information is obligatory for every Muslim male and girl. This answers the misconception amongst non-Muslims that Muslim women are not allowed to be educated in Islam. Actually it’s far obligatory for them to be educated. Women are even consulted in Islam. This became clean at some stage in the life of the Prophet Muhammad while he consulted his spouse within the affairs of the Islamic state. Aisha the wife of Prophet Muhammad used to teach humans about what she learned from him, and those used to invite her and seek advice from her.

Islam orders a husband to treat his spouse nicely that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) stated that the excellent of Muslims are the high-quality to their wives. The Quran orders the husbands to treat their better halves with kindness. In Islam, a husband have to pay a gift to his spouse and it’s miles a main situation within the marriage settlement. A woman in Islam isn’t requested to spend a cent on her residence but it is truly the only duty of the husband. The important duty of a female is to take care of her residence. So despite the fact that a girl works and gains cash, she isn’t asked to spend on the house. She has the right to keep all the cash for herself.

Islam recognizes that there are differences in nature between a man and a woman, it really is why each has distinctive duties. Although the person is the leader of the house, this management way that he has greater duties. God shall account him on what he did and if he fulfilled his responsibilities or not. A lady has less responsibility due to the fact she is generally weaker in nature and due to the fact she is generally pushed through her feelings. That’s why Islam is concerned with justice no longer with equality. Men and girls do not have the identical nature as a person is commonly stronger and his thoughts overcomes his feelings. So he clearly ought to have extra obligations. This isn’t an oppression of girls but it’s miles a mercy to women as this may not load them what they can not bear.