Cold Steel Ti-Lite Folding Knife Review

Life is fast. We are always looking for the fastest cars, motorcycles, and planes that the world has to offer.

Knives are no different. As you might already know, automatic and assisted opening folding knives are becoming more popular every day with military and law enforcement officials who depend on their speed and quickness.

Cold Steel has been recognized as a BENCHMADE leader in the knife industry for many years. Their razor sharp blades and SUPER tough lock strength have earned them quite a following amongst knife enthusiasts.

Although Cold Steel does not currently offer an automatic or assisted opening knife, their Ti-Lite folder series is taking the knife world by storm.

These are 5 traits that make the Cold Steel Ti-Lite folder a winner:

1. Hollow Ground Blade – This means that the blade gets thinner as you get closer to the edge. This feature makes the Ti-Lite series RAZOR sharp and dependable for precise cutting.

2. Quillions – These are the “dorsal fin-like” pieces on both sides of the blade just below the thumb stud. These parts are designed to catch unto your pocket when you take the knife out. With some practice, the quillions will help you fling the blade open just as quickly as an automatic.

3. AUS 8A Stainless steel – This steel is known for it’s ability to stay sharp while not being a pain in the neck to sharpen.

4. 4 Different versions – Ti Lites come with either a titanium handle, blue anodized titanium, or extra-tough (and affordable) zytel.

5. Lightning fast opening – Quillions are not the only way to make the blade FLY out of the handle! Your Ti-Lite’s thumb stud works as an equally effective release mechanism. Once you get the motion down, you will forget all about assisted openers and automatics.