2 formulas to winning casino

1. Winning Martingale

formula or Winning Martingale is a casino game betting formula. that can be used to play online games in many forms Some players may have tried this winning formula in the past. Most of which are formulas to overcome this. Will be used in conjunction with the selected dragon card layout. or ping pong card Suppose that we bet 50 baht and we are the winner and bet another 100 baht to continue to win. Next round, bet 100 baht, but if this time loses, bet 200 baht, keep doing this

until you lose the bet. Then come back to start stabbing at 50 baht, but this formula should not use more than 5 eyes and should set clear goals. how much do you want to earn from playing or lose from this form of betting? The important thing is that you have to follow the set goals to be successful as well.a

2. The formula to win the money walk 1234

Betting on money walk 1234 may be a slightly difficult formula. for new players but believe me, it’s not too difficult. The 1234 money walking formula is a playthat focuses on winning. Win 4 times in a row and you will be able to grab the big prize money. But whenever you lose Playing in the 3rd or 4th round can still make you a profit. It is said that this formula is a formula that works. and in the past, betflixit makes players Get a lot of money from betting, which will divide the players into the banker side (Banker) or the player side (Player) only. Do not bet on the tie side (Tie) which will divide the funds 1, 000 baht is divided into 4

eyes, in the first eye, go down 1 unit, that is, 100 baht. If you stab in, put 3 units down, which is 300 baht in the 2nd eye, and then the 3rd eye. If you continue to stab, go down 2 units, which is 200 baht. Finally, the 4th eye. Go down. 4 units. Keep doing this until you lose. Then come back to get a new one. Then switch to walk the same money pattern continuously. Believe that you know again. You will have enough bets you want.